I am a busy working Mum as well as a yoga teacher, this is where I approach my teaching from. I am interested in how yoga can help us create better balance in both body and mind, and empower us in a busy, modern world.

I am passionate about making yoga accessible for everybody, and dispelling the myth that you have to be bendy to do it. My teaching is simple, heart-centered and alignment based, encouraging all my students to explore and grow their own practice, giving them the confidence to develop naturally and at their own pace.

All my teaching is rooted in a traditional Hatha style. Through meditation and mindfulness we calm and quieten the mind after a busy week. Pranayama and asana practice creates a powerful mind, body connection.

My focus is always on safe practice and appropriate physical alignment.

During my dynamic classes [Thursday evening] we look to create the feeling of a moving meditation. Clearing the mind of stress and anxiety through flowing movement.

The slower restorative and rebalancing classes [Friday evening] are an opportunity to press pause and find stillness. Using supported postures the body is better able to let go of tension, allowing the breath to soften and the mind to let go of busy chatter.

Yoga is about community for me too and all my classes are relaxed and fun, a welcoming space for people to become better acquainted with themselves and just for a short time let go of the worry and the striving and just be present.

I hope people leave with a smile.

Amy x